Best Practices for Contract Lifecycle Management

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Best Practices for Contract Lifecycle Management


Contract lifecycle management involves a range of complex steps and stages which require oversight and assistance of various departments and parties. Contracts go beyond signing a contract and keeping track of what was stated in the agreement in hand. In order to control the entire contract lifecycle from beginning to end takes an immense amount of effort, time, and resources.

With a specialized contract management software, it is possible to automate routine processes and jobs to standardize and organize a contract’s lifecycle- this helps you reduce risks and improve the consistency of your procedures. Furthermore, you’ll be sure that the obligations you have agreed to are met properly and on time. Follow to get ContractSafe, an amazing tool to assist businesses in maximizing the return on investment and decreasing the risk.

Contract Lifecycle Management Best Practices

Automated Workflows

Speed, flexibility, and customer-friendliness are among the most important virtues of successful companies in the era of digitalization. In day-to-day operations, the goals of these traits can only be accomplished if they are integrated into every business process. Otherwise, the processes will be constantly blocked, delayed, or slowed. For office processes and administrative communications, this means that the routine tasks need to be automated as quickly as you can.

It’s no surprise that negotiating contracts at their fundamental level is a process that requires expertise and competence from humans. Beyond the competency-based process, However, various factors can be identified that influence the core processes of contract management and can be automated. For instance, using contract management software can help guide contracts through their lifecycle in accordance with predefined procedures.

Develop Supplier and Vendor KPIs to Measure the Performance of Suppliers and Vendors.

Establishing contract management KPIs can help you gain an understanding and visibility of the performance of your current processes and the ways they could be aiding or hindering the achievement of your business objectives.

If the managers in a specific department have clear business goals and methods to monitor them, they can formulate effective practices based on data that produce positive results. Inability to achieve KPIs could be a sign of wasted opportunities to save or eliminate process inefficiencies that are hard to identify because of the lack of clarity on the business goals and expectations.


Standardized Contract Creation

Effective contract management can lead to improved efficiency in the process for your employees. Legal departments can make substantial time savings by standardization and the pre-approval of contract language and clauses. For almost every law firm, there is a common template set that incorporates similar clause terms, words, terms, and conditions that could be applied to a wide range of contracts.

Using the same pre-approved language will allow lawyers to cut down on time for review. The common language permits the council to focus on the specific provisions unique to the contract being reviewed.

Standardize and Streamline Contract Authoring and Execution

The goal in terms of business growth is the speed of the market. To ensure that your business is well-positioned to get speed to market, you must align your contract authoring and execution procedure to meet your customers’ needs. Digitizing this process is vitally important.

Implementing a contract management system will allow you to automatize the entire contract creation and execution procedure for both your internal and external users. Without this system, you’ll be unable to help grow your business as you struggle to keep manual processes in place.

Reduce Approvals and Speed Up Turnaround Time

A simple contracts approval process will bring benefits to your business. First, you’ll be able to receive your contracted products and services quicker, which is time – and expense-efficient.

Additionally, you’ll enhance your business relationships by reducing the duration from the first conversation until you’ve received the approval of your agreements.

How do you achieve this? By enhancing the efficiency of both sides, you can improve your experience for both the customer and your staff. Companies with quick responses and quick approvals seize opportunities that require short turnaround times more easily.

Conduct Regular Risk and Compliance Reviews

To ensure that your business is constantly monitoring and reducing the risks that come to your contracts, you must incorporate the risk and compliance review in your procedure. These reviews allow you to ensure you’ve got an understanding of the risk you are currently facing and your potential exposure based upon specific terms contained in your contracts and market conditions that could pose risks to your business.

Furthermore, you should ensure that the most important clauses in your contracts comply with the standards of compliance you and your contract partners must follow. You should incorporate in your process of reviewing corrective actions and contracting procedure enhancements that may be needed to make modifications not just in your existing contracts but also in future contracts.

Review Trends in Contract

Contract management allows your business to maximize the positive outcomes of negotiations. The latest contract management software allows users to gain insights into the current market by monitoring competitors’ pricing and technological advances. This means that in the negotiation stage, as well as before renewing the contract in question, you can review the contract to determine whether the terms provide an advantage in comparison to the market.

Final Words

Implement best practices in contract management by integrating contract information and data into your primary procedures, which will greatly enhance your income and the overall landscape of your portfolio. With these best practices in conjunction with efficient contract management software, you will be able to make significant savings for the entire organization. Ineffective contract management can cost a business a considerable amount of its annual revenue, cause excessive risk, and decrease the procurement morale or legal departments.

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